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Become a Data Partner!

The Indiana Data Partnership, an enhancement of the existing Indiana Management Performance Hub platform, allows for organizations to view and share data to provide a holistic view of some of the State of Indiana’s most complex challenges. Currently, the focus is on combatting the opioid epidemic and making meaningful strides in the area of education and workforce development. While dozens of state agencies are already using data to collaborate, the IDP provides a gateway for additional units of government and organizations to collaborate in a safe, streamlined fashion.

Extensive foundational work has been completed to expedite deriving value and insight from existing data. Examples include implementing best practices around anonymization, metadata and cataloging, as well as developing the Indiana Data Hub. Processes in place focus on enhanced legal and technical efficiency. Because of these established processes, data requests can be addressed more quickly instead of creating a new process for each inquiry.

Benefits to partnering with IDP include:

  • Established partnerships across state government, academia and non-profits
  • Cross-sector working groups and coalitions
  • Frameworks to address use cases
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts in various portfolios (Public Safety, Education/Workforce, Government, Human Services, Infrastructure)
  • Promotional support through IDP communications channels
  • Established governance framework
  • Daily working relationships with key state agencies
  • Streamlined data request access and processes
  • Standardized Data Sharing Agreements

Ways to get engaged:

  1. Partner – an organization providing substantial financial, data, other strategic resources, or subject matter expertise to IDP.
  2. Member – an organization that is participating in IDP by executing a data sharing agreement and that regularly shares its organizational, program, or related data in accordance with its terms.
  3. Affiliated Stakeholder – an organization or individual that does not share data routinely with IDP but may engage in activities in support of IDP, including serving as a member of the Advisory Committee, or providing subject matter expertise or other advisory services, regardless of whether such expertise or services are compensated.

Membership in IDP is voluntary and is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Membership status (i.e., Partner, Member, Affiliated Stakeholder) shall continue as long as the organization is compliant with the terms of the data sharing agreement and any other agreement(s)executed by any authorized persons, or until such time as the organization withdraws from the IDP.

If you would like to become a part of the Indiana Data Partnership, please Contact Us to learn more about the initiative and how to get engaged.

“By fostering greater access to value-added data and information, IDP will provide an invaluable new resource to increase problem-solving capacity and delivery of public services in tackling today’s most pressing challenges facing Indiana and its citizens.”

David Gard
Assistant Vice President for University Economic Engagement, Indiana University

“The primary idea here is that we aren’t just creating a mechanism to share data. We are identifying connections that front-line organizations may not even be aware of. We are creating a platform to bring together partners that can support those connections and create meaningful collaboration that hadn’t previously existed. This in turn helps to support key initiatives identified within Governor Holcomb’s pillars.”

Darshan Shah
Indiana Chief Data Officer
Director, Indiana Management Performance Hub

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