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Programs and Re-entry


01-01-101 The Development and Delivery of Adult Academic and Vocational Programs

01-01-102 The Development and Delivery of Library Services

01-01-103 The Development and Delivery of Academic and Technical Programs In Juvenile Facilities 

Health Care

01-02-101 The Development and Delivery of Health Care Services

01-02-106 The Development and Delivery of Addiction Recovery Services 

Program Services

01-03-101 The Development and Delivery of Religious Services

01-03-102 Marriage

01-03-103 Community Engagement

01-03-104 Faith and Character Based Housing Program (PLUS Units only)

01-03-105 The Development and Delivery of Recreational Services


01-04-101 Adult Offender Classification

01-04-102 Classification Assignments for Youth Incarcerated as Adults and Alternatively Sentenced Youth

01-04-103 The Requesting, Issuing and Execution of Warrants

01-04-104 The Establishment, Maintenance and Disposition of Offender Records

01-04-105 Adult Offender Releases

01-04-107 Community Transition Program 

Staff Development

01-05-101 Staff Development and Training

Re-entry Services

01-07-101 The Development and Delivery of Programs, Pre-Release, and Case Management

01-07-103 United States Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program (11/1/2020)

01-07-105 Veterans' Services

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