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Office of the Commissioner

00-00-101 The Organization and Operation of the Department of Correction

Legal Services

00-01-102 Access to the Courts for Incarcerated Individuals.

00-01-104 Tort Claims for Property Loss

Field Audits

00-02-201 Compliance with Federal and State Fire, Health, and Safety

00-02-202 Offender/Youth with Physical Disabilities

00-02-301 The Offender Grievance Process

Proceso de Quejas de Ofensores

Information and Legislative Services

00-03-101 Distribution of Information

00-03-103 Community Engagement

00-03-104 Social Media

00-03-301 Sex and Violent Offender Registry Appeal Process


00-04-101 The Development of Policy

00-04-102 The Establishment, Distribution, Maintenance, Review and
Disposition of Administrative Records

00-04-201 Research and Statistics

00-04-202 Publication of Research

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