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Juvenile and Field Services

Jail Inspections

03-01-101 The Consultation and Inspection of County Jail Operations

Juvenile Services

03-02-101 Code of Conduct for Juvenile Offenders

Codigo de Conducta para Jovenes

03-02-102 The Use of Separation in DYS Facilities

03-02-104 Youth Classification (12-01-2020)

03-02-105 Student Grievance Process

03-02-110 Youth Visitation (10/1/2022)

03-02-113 Youth Services-Addiction Recovery Services

03-02-114 Youth Temporary Leaves (12-02-114)

03-02-115 DYS Case Management (12-01-2020)

03-02-116 Youth Personal Property (8/1/2021)

Visita de la Juventud

03-02-113 Division of Youth Services-Addiction Recovery Services (11/01/2020)

03-02-111 Medicaid Application Process and Responsibilities-Division of Youth Services (08/01/2020)  

Field Services

03-03-101 The Organization and Delivery of Parole Services

03-03-103 GPS Monitoring

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