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04-01-102 Business Expense Reimbursement

04-01-104 Inmate Trust Fund

04-01-105 Recreation Fund Administration

04-01-106 Gateage, Interstate Compact Fees and Transportation

04-01-107 Consumable Asset Inventory (7/1/2022)

04-01-301 The Development and Delivery of Food Services

Construction Services

04-02-101 The Establishment of Standards for the Maintenance of
Correctional Facilities

04-02-102 Construction Services

Human Resources

04-03-101 Indiana Department of Correction Flexible Work Arrangements 4-4-22

04-03-102 Indiana Department of Correction Personnel Policy

04-03-103 Information and Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff

04-03-108 Ballistic and Stab Resistant Vests

04-03-109 Grooming Standards for Department of Correction Staff

04-03-110 Dress Standards for Department of Correction Non-Uniformed Staff

Industries and Farms

04-04-101 Indiana Correctional Industries

04-04-102 Indiana Correctional Industries - Enhancement Certification Program Participation and Compliance Requirements (PIECP)

Technology Services

04-05-101 Technology Hardware and Software Management (12/01/2020)

04-05-102 Internet, Electronic Mail and Online Information Technology Services Use (12/01/2020)

04-05-103 Information Technology Systems Password and Account Security (12/01/2020)

04-05-104 Offender Access to Information Technology (12/01/2020)

04-05-105 Information Technology Security Incident Response (12/01/2020)

04-05-106 Annual Information Technology Security Plan (12/01/2020)

04-05-107 Sensitive Data Categorization Requirements (12/01/2020)

04-05-108 Standardized Procedures to Report IT Incidents, Problems, Issues, or Request Services (12/01/2020)

04-05-109 Computer Control (12/01/2020)


04-06-101 Fleet Management (02/01/2021)

04-06-103 The Development, Implementation and Review of Service Programs

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