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Indiana Parole Board

The Indiana Parole Board consists of five (5) members: the Chairman, Vice Chairman and three (3) members who are appointed by the Governor to serve four (4) year terms.

The Board has jurisdiction over all offenders who committed their crimes before October 1977 (referred to as “old code” offenders), and exercises discretionary parole release authority over them. The Board also has jurisdiction over all offenders who committed their crimes after October 1977 (referred to as “new code” offenders) whose release on parole is mandatory. When parole is violated, the Board makes discretionary decisions regarding the reinstatement of parole of all “new code” offenders whose parole has been revoked.

In addition, the Indiana Parole Board acts as a Clemency Commission for all capital cases and makes recommendations to the Governor concerning clemency or commutation requests.

The Indiana Parole Board is available to assist victims who have safety concerns regarding an offender’s parole release. If you have safety concerns, you may contact the Indiana Parole Board at 317-232-5784.

Indiana Parole Board

Gwendolyn M. Horth
Member Since 2015
Term Expires July 2024

Heather Barton
Member Since 2023
Term Expires September 2027

James W. Shaffer
Member Since 2017
Term Expires September 2021

Tracy J. Berry
Member Since 2022
Term Expires June 2026

Mia E. Kelsaw
Member Since 2021
Term Expires September 2025

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