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Terre Haute (PD 4B)

Terre Haute Parole District (10)

District Supervisor
Marcus Blade

Marcus Blade

Assistant District Supervisor
Currently vacant

Warren, Carroll, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Montgomery, Fountain, Parke, Vermillion, Vigo, Putnam, Clay, Owen, Sullivan, and Greene

Parole District 10

Office Number
(812) 235-0606

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 4:00PM

Fax Number
(812) 234-1408

HIRE Coordinator (Region 4)
Breanna Trimble
(812) 230-3441

Transitional Healthcare Facilitator (PD10)
Tiffany Sinclair
(812) 264-9028

Coming soon

Note: Terre Haute Parole District is relocating to a new office. While we are transitioning staff can be reached at the phone number and mailing address below. These changes are temporary, and will be updated once we relocate to our permanent office.

Phone Number
(765) 653-6596 ext. 1002

Mailing Address
Terre Haute Parole District PD10
c/o Putnamville Correctional Facility
Greencastle, IN 46135

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