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Complaint Form

One of the Office of Investigations and Intelligence goals is to protect and promote integrity and accountability within the Indiana Department of Correction. Through investigations we are able to address criminal and administrative violations.

The office of Investigations and Intelligence also investigates complaints against State employees, community correction staff, private contractors, vendors, incarcerated offenders and parolees.

Examples of some of the types of complaints the office of Investigations and intelligence review are:

  • Physical abuse;
  • Excessive force;
  • Policy Violations;
  • Criminal activity inside and outside the institutions;
  • Sexual misconduct;
  • Inappropriate relationships;
  • Staff misconduct;
  • Trafficking

If there is an immediate threat to offender or staff safety, contact the facility which the incident is to occur.

Please provide as much detail as possible in the complaint. If possible, leave your contact information in case we have additional questions. Your complaint will be reviewed in the order it is received.

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