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Deputy Commissioner of Operations

James Basinger

James Basinger

Mailing Address

302 W. Washington St, Room E-334
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Includes the operations of Indiana Correctional Industries, Parole Services, Emergency Response, Classification, , Adult Facilities, Investigation & Intelligence, PREA and County Jail Services Division.

Executive Director,
Northern Regional Director, Adult Facilities

William Wilson
(317) 234-0323

Executive Director,
Southern Regional Director, Adult Facilities

Richard Brown
(317) 233-6984

Executive Director,

Jack Hendrix
(317) 232-2247

Indiana Correctional Industries
Chief Operating Officer
Lloyd Arnold
(812) 267-9357

Troy Keith
(317) 232-1252

Emergency Response Operations
Executive Director
Richard Curry
(317) 839-2513 ext. 4001

Investigation & Intelligence
Executive Director
Todd Tappy
(317) 233-0270

Executive Director,

Matthew Bishir
(765) 431-2007

Executive Director,
County Jail Services Division

Chance Sweat
(317) 232-5764

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