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Transitional Healthcare Services

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Director of Transitional Healthcare Services

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Chris Sanders
Mailing Address
302 W. Washington St, Room E-334
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Transitional Healthcare Team

Transitional Healthcare Services

Transitional Healthcare was created as part of IDOC Medical Division to assist people transitioning in and out of IDOC facilities. We work with incarcerated persons to create individualized release plans focused on physical and behavioral health issues- medical and mental healthcare and substance use disorder resources after release. We also complete healthcare coverage applications for everyone leaving IDOC. Transitional Healthcare’s goal is to reduce recidivism by addressing these needs before and after release.

*If you have an incarcerated family member in need of Transitional Healthcare services, please have them complete a healthcare service request for a meeting with their Transitional Healthcare Facilitator.

*If you are currently supervised by IDOC Division of Parole Services and are in need of Transitional Healthcare services, please ask your State Parole Agent for a referral to your Transitional Healthcare Liaison.

Mission Statement

To provide a meaningful transition to the releasing population by creating a holistic approach to the continuum of care through recognizing individual strengths and barriers related to social determinants of health

Here's what's happening

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Transitional Healthcare Services General Contact:

(317) 232-1192

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