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Leath MCHU Eligibility Criteria


Officer Breann Leath Maternal and Child Health Unit Eligibility Criteria

  1. Eligibility Criteria for Incarcerated Individuals Mothers:
    • Incarcerated Individuals shall be pregnant at the time she is delivered into the custody of the Department of Correction.
    • Incarcerated Individuals earliest possible release date is twenty-six (26) months or less from the Incarcerated Individuals projected delivery date.
    • Incarcerated Individuals who have been charged with a sex crime or any type of violence, abuse or endangerment of a child shall be reviewed by the Executive Director of Physical Health and the Warden.
    • Incarcerated Individuals mother and child are free of severe functional impairment impacting daily living classified by physical and/or mental health diagnoses by a physician.
    • Incarcerated Individuals is legal, sole custodian of child.
    • Incarcerated Individuals must be willing to sign a consent agreeing to abide by all rules and stipulations of the unit.believed
    • Incarcerated Individuals must be willing to sign a release of information to research any involvement with Department of Child Services.
    • Incarcerated Individuals mother may be denied participation for any reason deemed appropriate by the Chief Medical Officer.
  2. Selection and Enrollment:
    • Maternal-Child Healthcare Coordinator or (designee) shall keep an active database of all Incarcerated Individuals who are pregnant at the time she is received into the Department of Correction.
    • Maternal-Child Healthcare Coordinator shall review all pregnant Incarcerated Individuals charges and conduct history for eligibility onto the unit.
    • The Maternal-Child Healthcare Coordinator must schedule a consultation with all pregnant Incarcerated Individuals deemed eligible. No Incarcerated Individuals shall be admitted into the MCHU without meeting with the Maternal-Child Health Coordinator.

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