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In Indiana, the average cost to incarcerate one in-facility client for one year is around $20,000 and more than 20,000 clients are released from Indiana facilities and judicial systems annually. Most of these individuals are eager to get a job and lead a productive life; however, some Hoosier employers are historically reluctant to hire clients with a criminal history. The Hoosier Initiative for Re-Entry (HIRE) program was created in 2012 by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) to help people with past involvement with the legal system reintegrate into society and to create career paths to give them the opportunities to improve their lives in a sustainable way through work. In 2019 the HIRE program was moved to the Indiana Department of Correction with a continued focus on assisting people with past involvement in the criminal justice system. HIRE is working to help prevent adult incarceration by focusing on placing clients who have completed certification training in and out of facility clients into employment that will give them a livable wage and career path for success. The HIRE program also established a presence in IDOC juvenile facilities to help reduce juvenile recidivism.

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How the Program Works

Prior to Release
HIRE coordinators deliver all or applicable portions of the HIRE Academy (see below for current HIRE Academy Curriculum) for participants that targets soft skills, workplace aptitude, and motivation.

Upon Release
If the HIRE Client is not placed pre-release, the HIRE Coordinator will follow them through the Parole process to make sure every employment opportunity is given to each candidate that is willing to put forth the effort and has the skills that matches each employer’s needs.

After Release
The HIRE Coordinator will meet with the participant as needed for the first year to identify any work-related issues or needs. HIRE Coordinators will also meet regularly with employers to discuss any changes in the program and address any employer needs.

HIRE Academy/Workshop Modules

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  • What to Expect/Orientation
  • Application, Resume, and Interviewing Skills
  • Successful Work Habits and Job Retention
  • Mock Interviews
  • Community Reintegration
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Digital Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • All-Encompassing Module (Parole HIRE Workshop module in addition to Academy)

Who Qualifies?

  • Candidates who have displayed a positive record of accomplishment while in the facility.
  • Candidates who have participated in training programs, education, career and personal development, and employment opportunities while incarcerated.
  • Candidates who show the drive and determination to change their own lives and the lives of their families.

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