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Case Plan Credit Time

What is Case Plan Credit Time (CPCT)?

Case Plan Credit Time, or CPCT, is a change in how educational and programming credits are awarded to the incarcerated population, prompted by legislation approved in Indiana in 2020. Prior to the new legislation, less than 1% of the incarcerated population was earning the maximum amount of credit they were entitled to, and many were not earning credit time for the jobs they were doing inside DOC facilities.

Under CPCT, DOC has transitioned away from time cut programs, where individuals would earn a certain amount of credit for specific programs, to a case plan, where credit is earned based on progress made toward an individual’s unique goals. Under CPCT, each individual has the opportunity to earn the maximum amount of credit available to them.

CPCT allows individuals to earn up to 1 day of credit for every 3 days of participation in programming and classes geared toward each individual’s needs. This credit is separate from credit that can also be awarded for good behavior during incarceration.

How is time awarded?

Under CPCT, each individual gets periodic reviews to calculate and apply their credit based on progress made toward their specific goals in their case plan. The number and the length of the reviews is based upon the individuals length of incarceration.

The reviews are seen and processed by the facility and Central Office staff. Because each review is unique to that individual, staff are not able to predict exactly when a review will be completed and the time that will be entered.

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