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The Community Corrections Division is a unit under the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) Re-Entry and Youth Services Division. The division provides state aid through the Community Corrections and Justice Reinvestment Funding as an annual grant under IC 11-12 and administers the Community Transition Program.  

The division assists the Indiana Department of Correction in fulfilling its mission by establishing and operating community corrections programs that prevent crime or delinquency, divert offenders from the Indiana Department of Correction, and provides programs for committed offenders and/or persons ordered to participate in community corrections as a condition of probation in accordance with IC 11-12.

The Community Corrections Division, in partnership with state and local criminal justice agencies and Community Corrections Advisory Boards, work collaboratively to develop community corrections programs utilized by local courts and the Department of Correction (IDOC) to supervise, sanction, and treat offenders in the community as an alternative to incarceration.

The Community Corrections Division oversees an allocation of $72 million awarded annually to Community Corrections agencies across the state by the Indiana Department of Correction and an additional $27 million dollars generated annually through participant user fees assessed at the local level.  There are seventy-seven (77) Community Corrections agencies, seven of them regional agencies, which operate in eighty-nine (89) counties statewide.  Each agency is governed by a local advisory board whose membership is established by state statute.

While the division provides funding to support local programs, the division does not operate Community Corrections agencies nor do they directly supervise offenders, the Director, and any of Community Corrections staff. The oversight, policies, procedures are established by the local Community Corrections Advisory Board. The Director and their staff are not IDOC employees, nor do they directly report to IDOC. All staffing oversight is completed by the county.

The division’s primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Oversight of the Community Transition Program (CTP) accordance with Indiana Code 11-10-11.5, “Assignment to Community Transition Program”
  • Distribution and expenditure of the division’s state appropriated funding
  • Administration of community corrections and justice reinvestment contracts
  • Monitor Financial, Programmatic, and Operational compliance of grant funded agencies
  • Collection and analysis of grant funded programs and division data
  • Provide training and technical assistance
  • Preparation of reports to the Indiana General Assembly, our criminal justice stakeholders, and the public.

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