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Branchville Correctional Facility

New Visitor Registration Process

Step 1: Request Visitation

All visitors must submit State Form 14387 to be screened for criminal history, employment with DOC and relation to the incarcerated individuals before scheduling the first visit.

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Step 2: Register for ViaPath

All Visitors must register for a ViaPath Account and be approved before scheduling in-person and online visits.

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Step 3: Schedule Visit

Already registered? Remember all visitation requests observe Eastern time. Available dates and times will be listed for that incarcerated individuals facility.

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Please refer to the IDOC visitation page to find the most current information regarding visits.

Attorney Visits

Attorneys visits will not be considered as part of the offender's regular visitation schedule and these visitors need not be on the visitation list. All attorney visits are schedule by the Facility Litigation Liaison.

Availability of  space, security and safety of the facility determines if a special area may be set aside for attorney-client visits. If space is available, arrangements also may be made to allow clergy or approved spiritual advisors to have a separate space, outside of the regular visiting room/area, to meet with the incarcerated individual. In both cases, such space shall be observable by staff; however, staff shall not listen to the conversations.

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Visiting Guidelines

  • All visitors must be on the offender's approved visitors list.
  • Visitors may only visit the same offender once every 14 days.
  • Please make sure to always contact the facility before coming to visit. For the latest facility updates, call (812) 843-5921 or visit our Facebook page

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Bible Studies
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Classes
  • American Legion
  • Purposeful Living Units Serve (PLUS)

Community Engagement Coordinator

Teri James

Please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering or donating. For general volunteer information, please visit the IDOC Volunteer page.

Community Advisory Board Meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. (ET) and occur two times per year.
These meetings consist of community advisory board members (CAB).


The Indiana Department of Correction offers a wide selection of programming, courses, and activities based on both facility and offender need, as well as available resources. Listed below are several current programming opportunities available at the facility. While staff leads some, many are volunteer-driven.
For more information on these programs and/or a complete listing of the programs the IDOC offers, please visit the IDOC Programs page.

  • Substance Abuse
  • Thinking for a Change
  • PLUS Program
  • AA/NA
  • GED
  • Literacy
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Indiana Correctional Industry Products (ICI)
  • Pre-Release
  • Therapeutic Community
  • Culinary Arts
  • Department of Labor Apprentice Programs

About Branchville Correctional Facility:

Branchville Correctional Facility is an Indiana Department of Correction state prison for men, located in Perry County, Indiana, on the southern edge of the state. The medium-security facility opened in 1982 and has a capacity for more than 1,400 incarcerated individuals. Incarcerated individuals have multiple opportunities for educational and vocational skills training, including woodworking and sewing, with the items they produce often going to community organizations.

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    Volunteers play a vital role helping the incarcerated population make a successful transition back into society.

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    Looking for an exciting new career path? Let us help you find one with the Indiana Department of Correction.

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Branchville Correctional Facility

Facility Physical Location

Branchville Correctional Facility
21390 Old State Road 37,
Branchville, IN 47514

Phone | (812) 843-5921

Send Mail to an Incarcerated Individual

Offender Full Legal Name, DOC #
Branchville Correctional Facility
21390 Old State Road 37
Branchville, IN 47514

Reminder - Address both envelope and letter. All incoming and outgoing mail is opened, examined, and read by designated facility staff.

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