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Report Offender Use of Cell Phones or Social Media

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In accordance with Indiana State law, possession of a cellular telephone while incarcerated is a Class A misdemeanor. Any offender found in possession of a cell phone inside an IDOC facility faces disciplinary action and possible loss of good time credit.*Trafficking a cell phone into a state prison is a felony. Get caught bringing one in, and you could face up to five years behind bars.

The use of social media sites by offenders/students in the custody of the Indiana Department of Correction is also strictly prohibited. These sites are a security violation and will be shut down. Internal Affairs will notify the appropriate social media site(s) to request that the offender's page(s) be taken down.

**If you know of a DOC offender who has obtained a cell phone while incarcerated or has established or currently maintains information on a social networking website, please report the suspicious activity below. Tips may submitted anonymously.

Please click the link below and fill out the form to submit a suspicious activity tip to IDOC.

Submit a Suspicious Activity Tip

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