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  • CPCT - Case Plan Credit Time
    Important Information on How Your Loved Ones Can Now Earn Credit Time
  • CPCT - Case Plan Credit Time HEA 1120

    Indiana Code 35-50-6-3.3 provides eligible offenders the ability to earn educational credit time through completion of statutorily designated programs.
    HEA 1120 provides eligible offenders the ability to earn educational credit time through progress in a case plan designed to best serve their needs as indicated by IRAS assessments. You can learn more about HEA 1120 HERE

  • CPCT - Case Plan Credit Time

    The transition to Case Plan Credit Time (CPCT) allows us to better prepare the incarcerated population to return to local communities. CPCT offers a multidisciplinary approach to programming, giving our returned citizens the best chance at success. As with any change, the switch to CPCT will require your patience and cooperation as we learn a new process. We appreciate you sticking with us through this time, and your help in making this important change.
    HEA1120 FAQ CPCT FAQ CPCT Announcement Video

Exciting news! Indiana Department of Correction is expanding volunteer opportunities for new and current volunteers. See the below guidance.

Volunteer update:

Each facility shall be allowed up to 2 volunteers, per program. Any volunteer who of their own accord provides proof of their fully vaccinated status will not be counted towards the maximum allowable volunteers. No volunteers will be required to provide their vaccination status to volunteer with the Department of Correction. Volunteers should not be pressured or made to feel that vaccination is a requirement for their admission to the facility. Information relayed about vaccine status will be held and tracked confidentially by the facility community engagement coordinator.

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