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  • In 1948 the Senate chamber space was reduced to make way for legislative offices around the perimeter. The windows around the chamber look into the office space created for Senators and support staff.
  • The carpet in the Senate contains a group of 18 stars in a circle with a larger one in the center. The middle star symbolizes Indiana, the 19th state to join the Union in 1816. The blue and gold colors reflect Indiana‚Äôs state colors.
  • The Senate Public gallery allows interested parties the opportunity to view proceedings in the Senate Chamber in person. Sessions and committee meetings held in the Chamber are also live webcast at,
  • The 50 Indiana Senators serve on various standing and summer committees. Each committee is responsible to research, discuss, hear public testimony and revise proposed legislation. There are numerous Senate committee rooms in the State House including this one that hosts the Appropriations and Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. Meeting held in this room are also webcast at ,

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