2012 Northern Indiana Resource Fair

MWBE Northern Indiana Resource Fair

Indiana’s Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Division had its first resource fair in Michigan City at the Blue Chip Casino Stardust Event Center Thursday, October 4 that brought awareness of contracting opportunities the state offers for minority and women enterprises and gave business leaders the opportunity to network.

The Resource Fair consisted of workshops, keynote speakers, a certification clinic and a resource fair that was free and open to the public.

Pictures from the event can be found on our Facebook Page


Keynote Speakers: Brenda Coffman and Angela Jackson
Dr. Angela Jackson

Dr. Angela Jackson is the Executive Director of the Michigan City Human Rights Department. Her primary task is to systematically address contract compliance, especially adherence to our Local Hiring Ordinance that includes 5% of Construction Projects paid to MWBE’s.

Educating the community on diversity issues to encourage more cultural dialogue, and ultimately more understanding, is an initiative the Mayor supports. Thus, her department works diligently with the 12 member Human Rights Commission to execute the Mayor’s expectations.

Brenda Coffman

It all began on the campus of Indiana State University in 1984. Brenda Coffman was a business student running a small cookie operation from her Student Housing Apartment. 28 years later her small cookie business has turned into 12 retail stores known today as Blondies Cookies.

The cookie lady dared to submerge into Season 3 of the "Shark Tank" to build her business, but the sharks didn’t bite for her pitch. With her sales projected at 3.1million for 2012, she came to the resource fair to tell her story of “a cookie and a couple of sharks”.