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Lakeshore Air Toxics Study

This website will serve as a repository of information for the Lakeshore Air Toxics Study and will be periodically updated as the project develops.

Executive Summary:

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) conducted an assessment of air toxics in the highly industrialized and heavily traveled area of Lake and Porter counties. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) identified this area as a potential high risk area via its 2005 National Air Toxic Assessment (NATA). IDEM’s goal was to perform a detailed evaluation using methods specifically developed for evaluating air quality on a community-level scale. IDEM evaluated ambient air monitoring data and performed air dispersion modeling of industrial and mobile sources (cars and trucks) within the study area to assess potential health risks.

The results of the study indicate that air toxics concentrations and risk within the lakeshore area are not as high as reported by previous national scale screening analyses. Air toxics concentrations are comparable to concentrations seen in other cities. There is some increased risk associated with emissions from some industrial permitted sources and IDEM is working with those sources to identify pollution prevention opportunities. The results also support the efforts being made to reduce emissions from mobile sources nationwide.

Sources and monitors within the Lakeshore Air Toxics Study Area


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