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The IDEM 2021 Recycling Index Report [PDF] reports the state recycling data and evaluates Indiana’s progress in achieving a 50% recycling goal.

Measurement Standard

The municipal solid waste (MSW) generation gives a baseline for disposal, recycling and composting as based upon annual tonnages from Indiana origins to determine a state recycling rate. Factors include:

  • The recycling data is representative of Indiana’s regional MRFsheds, the areas around a material recovery facility (MRF) that funnels recyclables to a particular MRF.
  • Direct hauls to end-use markets are another significant source of recyclables such as generated from big-box retail distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, in which case the reporting is voluntary and may not be submitted.
  • Metal salvage yards are exempted recycler facilities for mandatory reporting of recyclables from MSW.

The recycling infrastructure includes activities by private waste management companies, solid waste management districts (SWMDs), and cities & towns to service drop-offs, curbside, and commercial accounts. It covers the residential sector as well as the industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) sectors for shipments of recyclables from MSW by material type and market destination.

Reporting Requirements

Recycling activity reporting must be done through the Re-TRAC Connect online reporting system. The Recycling Activity Reporting Guidance (Currently Unavailable) provides an overview and step-by-step instructions.

Recyclers are required to submit reports to IDEM on the amount and type of recyclables they process from Indiana’s waste stream for shipment by destination category (Indiana recycler facilities, broker arranged, and manufacturers/end users).

Annual Reports

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is responsible for providing a summary of the information collected from municipal solid waste recyclers, which are mandated to report their recycling activity by the legislature. Annual reports are available as listed below.

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