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Recycling and Proper Disposal of Waste Tires

Waste tires are a marketable resource. They can be recycled by grinding them into crumb rubber that is manufactured into rubberized asphalt, running tracks, floor mats, and other products. They can be shred into rubber mulch that is used as playground surfaces or other safety surfacing. Tire retreading companies can remove old treads from tires that pass vigorous inspection and apply new treads without any sacrifice to safety or handling. A waste tire can even be creatively reused by individuals as a tire swing or garden planter.

Where to Recycle or Properly Dispose of Waste Tires

  • Retail tire establishments that sell new tires are required by Indiana law to accept waste tires for recycling or proper disposal from consumers who purchase new tires from them.
  • Some auto service centers accept waste tires for a nominal fee.
  • Some solid waste management districts and local government agencies hold tire amnesty days. Check websites or contact them for details. MyLocal.IN.gov provides links to local government agency websites (select a county from the dropdown menu).
  • IDEM-registered Indiana and Out-of-State Waste Tire Transporters [PDF] collect and transport waste tires to processing facilities and/or storage sites.
  • IDEM-registered Indiana Waste Tire Processors and Storage Facilities [PDF] cut, shred, or grind waste tires or accumulate and store tires respectively. The term “processors” excludes retail operations that cut or shred the waste tires that they generate.
  • Tire retreading companies can be found via a web search and on the Retread Tire Association website.
  • IDEM’s Where to Recycle page links to the Indiana Recycling Directory, which lists some waste tire recycling locations, and to Earth 911, a website with articles about tire reuse and recycling projects (type “tires” in the search field).

For More Information

The Waste Tire Management page details other approved legitimate uses of waste tires; Indiana’s whole waste tire disposal ban; and regulations for tire retailers and waste tire transporters, processors, and storage sites.

For Assistance

Free, confidential compliance and technical assistance on a wide array of environmental topics, including recycling, waste tire regulations, and pollution prevention, is available from IDEM’s Compliance and Technical Assistance Program (CTAP).

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