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Junk Mail

For many Hoosiers, opening the mail is an interesting part of the day. But some consider much of it "junk mail" — unwanted and unwelcome. If you are tired of the daily flow of unwanted mail, here are some simple steps to greatly reduce the pile.

Mail, Mail and More Mail!

The U.S. Postal Service delivers more than 90 billion pieces of "direct mail" every year, much of it considered unwanted by those receiving it. Recycling unwanted mail helps conserve natural resources and decrease reliance on landfills and incineration. But what if you could reduce the flow of unwanted mail? It would not only conserve natural resources, it would save you un-needed hassle.

Is Unwanted Mail a Problem in the United States?

How much "junk mail" is there? Let's do the math:

  • Shipped: 5.57 million tons
  • Recycled: 1.78 million tons (32%)
  • Garbage: 3.79 million tons (68%)

Source: Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: 2000 Facts and Figures, U.S. EPA 2001

Over 27 pounds of paper and plastic going into the trash annually for every man, woman and child in America. That's a pretty sizeable "junk mail" problem!

Ideas on How to Reduce Unwanted Mail

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