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Partner Pledge

As a member of the Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention (Partners), you pledge to:

  1. Ensure employees are aware of your company’s commitment to pollution prevention (P2) and understand their role in implementing P2 objectives and goals;
  2. Incorporate P2 planning in the development of new products, processes, and/or services;
  3. Establish a mechanism to monitor waste generation and identify realistic P2 goals;
  4. Establish a process to listen and respond to stakeholder concerns;
  5. Make available, at the request of your community, IDEM, and the Partners, information about your company’s waste reduction and pollution prevention efforts;
  6. Establish an outreach program for promoting and supporting P2 efforts in your community;
  7. Participate in two or more Partners quarterly meetings each year;
  8. Support the Partners Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show; and
  9. Submit to the Partners an annual pollution prevention activity certification.

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