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Partners for Clean Air

Partners for Clean Air (PCA) is a coalition of Northwest Indiana businesses, industries, local governments, and community groups committed to improving overall air quality and public health through voluntary actions.

Members of the Partners for Clean Air Program develop Air Quality Action Plans. These plans are designed to be implemented on Air Quality Action Days as a way of reducing harmful air pollutants, such as:

  • ozone (a pungent pale blue gas which irritates the lungs)
  • PM 2.5 (particles smaller than one one-hundredth of a grain of salt, which can irritate the air sacs in the lungs)

Air Quality Action Days are days in which ground level ozone and particulate matter are predicted to reach unhealthy levels. The Air Quality Action Season for Indiana ozone concerns begins May 1 and ends September 30 of each year while PM 2.5 action days can occur year-round. Review your Action Day notification for information regarding what the primary pollutant for the day is. IDEM and the Illinois EPA employ a team of forecasters who analyze weather patterns, ozone concentrations, and PM 2.5 to determine if ground level ozone and PM 2.5 may reach unhealthy levels.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management Northwest Regional Office is located in Valparaiso, Indiana and serves Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties of Northwest Indiana. The office provides local access to permits, inspection reports, and general information on environmental activities with state, municipal, and industrial facilities in the area. In addition, staff members answer questions from the public about a wide range of environmental subjects.

For questions or comments, contact the Partners for Clean Air Coordinator.


Congratulations to our 2022 Partners for Clean Air Award Winners:

  • Business: Homewood Disposal
  • Industrial: Feralloy
  • Municipal: Town of Highland - Redevelopment Commission
  • Mark Siminski Bicycle: Trek Bicycle Schererville

Upcoming Events

La Porte County Fair, July 9-16, 2022

  • Where: La Porte County Fair, Conservation Building
  • Times: Every day during the fair from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Stop on by our booth and learn what you can do at home to help clean the air in Northwest Indiana.  We also have lots of free give-a-ways for everyone.

Save the Date:

Partners for Clean Air Day at the RailCats, August 14, 2022

Check back for more details later.

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