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Boaters and Marinas

Indiana’s freshwater resources serve as important habitats for wildlife and offer a variety of recreational activities and scenic splendors to be enjoyed. From boating and fishing to swimming and sports, our lakes, beaches, and marinas are spaces that Hoosiers use to explore, adventure, and relax. Our waters are one of Indiana’s most valuable natural resources, which is why we focus on keeping them clean and safe for generations to come.

The following are voluntary environmental stewardship programs focused on clean boating and marinas:

  • The Indiana Clean Boater Program offers membership to Indiana boaters who pledge to use clean boating practices to keep Indiana lakes, streams, and rivers safe and healthy. Membership is free.
  • The Indiana Clean Marina Program was developed in an effort to protect our state’s inland and coastal waterways by reducing the potential environmental impacts associated with marinas and recreational boating. This statewide program provides information, technical assistance, and guidance to marinas and recreational boaters. By participating in this voluntary program, marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, and recreational boaters will be recognized for their environmental stewardship.

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