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Underground Storage Tank Financial Assurance Board

The Underground Storage Tank Financial Assurance Board (FAB) was established under IC 13-23-11 to adopt rules to regulate payment of claims from the Excess Liability Trust Fund, under IC 13-23-8. Visit the Indiana General Assembly Title 328 Underground Storage Tank Financial Assurance Board page for the specific rules. Nine board members representing various constituencies are appointed by the governor to sit on the FAB.

Board Members

Toby Rickabaugh
Represents Petroleum Refiner-Supplier
Marathon Oil Company

Trout Moser
Represents Independent Petroleum Wholesale Distributor-Marketer
National Oil & Gas, Inc.

Kim Logan (Proxy)
Represents Indiana State Treasurer’s Office

Lauren Nielsen
Represents Environmental Interests
Acuity Environmental Solutions

Mark Aldous
Represents Property and Casualty Insurance
Administrator-Risk Management

Kevin Ryan
Represents Financial Lending

Nivas Vijay
Represents Environmental Consulting
Heartland Environmental Associates Inc
Seratech Drilling & Exploration LLC

Tom Navarre
Represents Convenience Store Operators
Family Express Corp.

Brian Rockensuess, Commissioner or
Peggy Dorsey (Proxy), Assistant Commissioner, Office of Land Quality

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

IDEM Staff

Nancy King
IDEM General Counsel

Angela Stewart
FAB Coordinator

Karla Kindrick
Rules Development Assistant

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