Environmental Rules Board

The Environmental Rules Board adopts rules that regulate air pollution, solid and hazardous waste, and water pollution, per Indiana Code (IC) 13-13-8. The board consists of 16 members, a legal counsel, and a technical secretary. The legal counsel and technical secretary are nonvoting members, and the law states they may not be state employees. The commissioner of IDEM serves as a nonvoting member of the board. There are four ex officio representatives on the board who represent other state agencies. The remaining 11 members represent various constituencies and were appointed by the governor. Appointed members serve terms of four years. When adopting rules, the board and IDEM must follow procedures set forth in IC 4-22-2 and IC 13-14-9. Adopted rules are located in the Indiana Administrative Code.

Board Members

Nonvoting members are designated with an asterisk (*).

Beverly Gard, Chair
Represents General Public
3660 North 50 East
Greenfield, IN 46140

Bill Etzler, Vice Chair
Represents Small Business
814 Windrift Lane
Fort Wayne, IN 46845

Vacant*, Legal Counsel

Vacant*, Technical Secretary

Ken Rulon
Represents Agriculture
27684 Rulon Road
Arcadia, IN 46030

Gail Boydston
Represents Manufacturing
8539 Clew Court
Indianapolis, IN 46236

Karen Valiquett
Represents Environmental Interests
5766 Broadway Terrace
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Chris Horn
Represents Labor
P.O. Box 62
Lynnville, IN 47619

R. T. Green
Represents Citizens
Blackburn and Green
Building 8, Suite B
8202 Clearvista Parkway
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Ted Niemiec
Represents Medical
3210 Watling Street
East Chicago, IN 46312

Angelique Collier
Represents Public Utility
AES - US Services
One Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Joanne Alexandrovich
Represents Local Government
425 Main Street
Evansville, IN 47708

Cal Davidson
Represents Solid Waste Management
4664 Brock Court
Plainfield, IN 46168

Jeffrey Cummins (Proxy for Lt. Governor)
Indiana State Department of Agriculture
One North Capitol Avenue Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Mike Mettler (Proxy)
Indiana State Department of Health
100 North Senate Avenue
Indiana Government Center North, Room 855
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Cameron Clark
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
402 West Washington Street
Indiana Government Center South, Room W256
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Devin Hillsdon-Smith (Proxy)
Indiana Economic Development Corporation
One North Capital Avenue Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Bruno Pigott*, IDEM Commissioner
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
100 North Senate Avenue
Indiana Government Center North, Room 1301
Indianapolis, IN 46204