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Regulatory Updates

Being informed about environmental regulation that may affect your business is crucial in order to be involved in policy actions, maintain compliance for your company, and know how to prepare for the future. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management works on several rulemakings at any given time. IDEM rulemakings currently underway and archives of past rulemaking activities are posted online and organized by the title of the Indiana Administrative Code where the rule will be located. IDEM’s Office of Legal Council provides details about IDEM Rulemakings and rules in progress.

Resources for Rules, Policies, and Notices

  • Environmental Rules Board meeting calendar, agendas, summaries, transcripts and board packets.
  • IDEM’s Public Notices site provides public access to all notices as required by statute for all of Indiana (can sign up for automatic notifications).
  • Indiana General Assembly - Indiana Register documents for all agency public noticed content.
  • The IDEM News and Events Calendar provides information on public meetings that do not require public notice.
  • Nonrule Policy Documents (NPDs) are intended to clarify for the public IDEM's interpretation of certain environmental statutes or rules.
  • CTAP maintains a list of compliance due dates for Indiana businesses, including all media / regulatory program areas of IDEM (land, air, water).
  • The eCFR system allows access to current and historical versions of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

For additional help understanding how environmental regulations apply to your business, contact the IDEM Compliance and Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) or submit an online request for free, confidential compliance assistance.

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