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About Compliance and Technical Assistance

The Compliance and Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) is Indiana's business assistance program, statutorily authorized to operate under Indiana Code (IC) 13-28-1, 13-28-3, and 13-28-5-4. CTAP is a non-regulatory program that provides free, confidential compliance and technical assistance to regulated entities.

CTAP was established to help Indiana businesses achieve compliance with environmental regulations. We are experts on air, water, and waste regulations, and knowledgeable about current environmental issues and new technologies. We can assess the environmental compliance of your entire facility or we can help you address concerns about a particular process or regulation. We also identify pollution prevention opportunities that can move your business out of the regulatory loop or move you into a less burdensome regulatory process.

One of the many ways we can help is by working with you one-on-one at your facility. In addition to on-site consultations, CTAP provides:

  • Telephone assistance,
  • Assistance with permit applications,
  • Training on environmental requirements and regulations, and
  • Online resources.

The CTAP Quality Assurance Guarantee means that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) stands behind CTAP’s compliance assistance. The guarantee assures customers that IDEM will not issue a Notice of Violation assessing a gravity-based penalty against a regulated entity that has sought out, received, and relied upon CTAP’s written compliance assistance prior to the alleged violation.

We know environmental regulations can be overwhelming to businesses. CTAP staff members are highly-skilled environmental professionals dedicated to helping businesses understand and comply with environmental regulations. We are available weekdays to answer your questions by phone or email or schedule a consultation online.

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