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License Fees and Application Processing Times

IDEM cannot process applications on a walk-in basis or over the telephone, according to requirements in Indiana’s rules for asbestos management personnel. Therefore, it is not possible for applicants to submit a license application and obtain their license on the same day. License fees and processing times vary based on the discipline and whether an application is submitted on a paper form or online. IDEM may require additional processing time if incomplete applications are submitted.

License Fees:

  • Individual License: Inspector, Management Planner, Project Designer, or Individual Project Supervisor
    • Initial License or Renewal Fee: $100
  • Individual License: Worker
    • Initial License or Renewal Fee: $50
  • Contractor License
    • Initial License or Renewal Fee: $150
  • Training Course Provider License
    • Initial License: $1,000 (per course)
    • Renewal Fee: $500 (per course)

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