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If you own or operate a noncommercial residential building with four or fewer dwelling units, the asbestos rules set forth that you are not required to:

  • Get an asbestos inspection.
  • Notify IDEM before beginning a demolition or renovation.
  • Get an asbestos license to do demolition or renovations on your property.
  • Follow asbestos emission control and work practices in state and federal laws and rules.

However, you are required to comply with all other applicable laws and rules, including:

If you own or manage several properties, you may not divide a project to qualify for an exemption. These projects are not exempt:

  • Buildings that are part of larger installations or are being converted for business or commercial purposes.
  • Urban renewal projects and developments involving multiple homes or residential buildings.

Resources for Homeowners

If you are uncertain about requirements for your renovation project:

  • Contact IDEM’s Office of Air Quality for technical and compliance assistance on state and federal asbestos requirements.
  • Ask local city or county agencies if any local ordinances apply to your project. provides links to government websites (select your county from the dropdown menu).

If your project is exempt but you are concerned about asbestos:

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