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Asbestos Inspections

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An asbestos inspection is an assessment to determine whether regulated asbestos-containing materials are present in a facility, or parts of a facility, where proposed demolition or renovation activities will take place. Asbestos laws and rules require asbestos inspections to be performed by an Indiana-licensed asbestos inspector at all demolition and renovation operations (with the exception of exempt noncommercial residential buildings with four or fewer dwelling units) before beginning any activities, including the removal of regulated asbestos-containing materials or the preparation of the job site for the planned demolition or renovations.

Asbestos inspections are essential for owners and operators of demolition and renovation operations to determine their notification and emission control and work practice requirements. To find and verify the license status of Indiana-licensed asbestos professionals, including inspectors and contractors, use the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency’s free Search and Verify database.

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