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Indiana’s Ambient Air Monitoring Network

IDEM’s Air Monitoring Branch operates and maintains 73 air monitoring sites across Indiana’s statewide ambient (outdoor) air monitoring network. Air samplers and monitoring instruments collect continuous and noncontinuous ambient air samples and meteorological data year-round. Monitoring site locations and the pollutants and parameters monitored at each site are listed in the network description [XLS]. Site details and photographs are available in IDEM’s Data Management and Display System, which provides online access to near real-time air quality data from the network.

Ambient Air Monitoring Network Plan

Federal regulations (40 CFR 58.10) require IDEM to review Indiana’s ambient air monitoring network annually to assess the current network and determine if any changes are necessary to meet the monitoring goals and carry out monitoring projects across the state. IDEM evaluates many factors when reviewing the network plan, including current National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), data trends, population changes, new monitoring projects, site redundancy, siting problems, site access concerns, and other identified monitoring issues.

IDEM is required to develop and submit an annual monitoring network plan to U.S. EPA that details the current air quality surveillance system and proposed changes for the coming year. IDEM must release the proposed plan to the public for inspection for 30 days prior to submission to U.S. EPA by July 1. IDEM posts the proposed plan on this page when it becomes available. Information on how to submit comments is located in Appendix A of the plan.

Previous Ambient Air Monitoring Network Plans:

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