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Air Toxics Data Map

Air Toxics Monitoring Data

IDEM has collected air toxics data at many different monitoring locations over time. Currently IDEM is collecting air toxics monitoring data from 10 monitoring locations. You can see the location of past and current air toxics monitors on the map.

Most of this data has been collected on a 1-in-6 day schedule, meaning that every sixth day a 24 hour sample of the air is evaluated. This sampling looks at Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and represents a subset of the 187 Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) identified by U.S. EPA. This data is compared to health protective benchmarks on a monthly basis.

Additionally, IDEM is running one Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station (PAMS). This site takes hourly samples of air toxics that are of particular interest in relation to the formation of ozone. This monitor is required to run during the warmer months, when ozone is more of a concern, but is continuously so IDEM can better understand air toxics within the state.

IDEM is in the process of updating the air toxics database. This change will allow the presentation of supplementary tables and graphs, in addition to making available interactive data analyses tools for use by the public. However, during the update, some air toxics monitoring data may not be available on the web page. Please contact IDEM Air Toxics via email if you need access to current or past 1-in-6 day sampling data. Hourly PAMS data is available by following the links on the map and in the table below. Historic data for many parameters is available from U.S. EPA’s Air Quality Data Mart.

East Chicago - Marina
Elkhart Fire Station #5
Elkhart Northside School
Elkhart Pierre Moran School
Elkhart Pinewood School
Evansville - Culver School
Evansville - North High School
Evansville - U. of E.
Ft Wayne - Beacon St.
Gary Ivanhoe
Gary Pulaski Dunbar
Hammond - 141st St.
Hammond - Lincoln Elementary
Hammond - Purdue
Indpls - E 16th St
Indpls - Harding St.
Indpls - I-70 E
Indpls - School 21
Indpls - Stoutfield
Indpls - W. 18th St.
Indpls - Washington Park
Lafayette - Greenbush St.
Mount Vernon School
Ogden Dunes
Terre Haute - Ft. Harrison Rd.
Whiting - HS
Toxic Monitoring Sites
County City Monitor Site Name PAMS 1-in-6 Years Sampled
Allen Fort Wayne Fort Wayne - Beacon St.     2003-2007***
Clark Clarksville Clarksville   Active** 2008-Present Day
Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Fire Station #5     1999-2000, 2003***
Elkhart Elkhart Northside School     1999-2000***
Elkhart Elkhart Pierre Moran School     1999-2007***
Elkhart Elkhart Pinewood School     1999-2000***
Lake East Chicago East Chicago-Marina   Active** 1999-Present Day
Lake Gary Gary-IITRI   Active** 1999-Present Day
Lake Gary Gary Ivanhoe     2000-2003***
Lake Gary Pulaski Dunbar     2000-2001***
Lake Hammond Hammond-141st St   Active** 1999-Present Day
Lake Hammond Hammond Purdue     2000-2001***
Lake Hammond Lincoln Elementary     2000-2001***
Lake Whiting Whiting HS   Active** 2005-Present Day
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - E. 16th St.     1999***
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - W. 18th St.     1999***
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - Harding St.     1999, 2006-2008***
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - I-70 E   Active** 2016-Present Day
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - School 21     2001-2008***
Marion Indianapolis Stoutfield     2006-2008***
Marion Indianapolis Indpls - Washington Park Active* Active** 1999-Present Day
Porter Ogden Dunes Ogden Dunes   Active** 1999-Present Day
Posey Mt. Vernon Mount Vernon School     2000***
Tippecanoe Lafayette Lafayette - Greenbush St.     2008-2012***
Vanderburgh Evansville Culver School     2000***
Vanderburgh Evansville Evansville - U. of E.   Active** 1999-Present Day
Vanderburgh Evansville North High School     2000***
Vigo Terre Haute Terre Haute   Active** 2013-Present Day

* Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station (PAMS). This site takes hourly samples of air toxics and data is available now from the map and table above.

** A 24 hour sample of the air is taken every 6th day (1-in-6). The sample is tested for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

*** Inactive monitor. Dates indicate the year/years when the monitor was active.

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