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IDACS Auditing & Training

  • Current: IDACS Auditing & Training


Liaison  Area(s)
Deb Cook System Coordinator, Supervisor and Area 5 Liaison
Donna Decker Area 1 Liaison
Linda Gabbard Area 2 Liaison
Birch Bailey Area 3 Liaison
Kathy Davies Area 4 Liaison

IDACS Training & Certification

Class schedules are now available through nexTEST. Any questions can be directed to your area area liaisons or IDACS.

Full, Inquiry and MDT training and certification is available online through nexTEST. Please consult your agency IDACS coordinator for assistance. Coordinator classes are liaison lead and schedules are available on nexTEST. Questions can be directed to your Area Liaison and IDACS.

The IDACS Lesson Plans are considered to be Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) materials. This information may not be posted to a public website and discretion must be exercised in sharing the contents of the lessons with individuals and entities who are not engaged in law enforcement or the administration of criminal justice.