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Grant Application Guidelines

The Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs is a non- partisan state agency working toward economic, educational, and social equality, including the promotion of cooperation and understanding. The Commission identifies, measures and reviews programs and legislation, as well as researching challenges and opportunities affecting the Hispanic/Latino community. The Commission identifies solutions and provides recommendations to the governor and legislature.

By bringing together community organizations, state agencies, local leaders and community members, the Indiana Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs will be able to provide a thorough annual report to the Indiana General Assembly, which will identify areas of challenge and opportunity within the community as well as possible solutions.

Guidelines for Grant Application 

The ICHLA partners with nonprofit organizations that address Hispanic and Latino community issues, activities, scholarships, and/ or provide assistance to the needs. The agency does this by identifying, funding, and directly working with mission-driven, well-managed, results-oriented organizations that are in alignment with ICHLA’s mission and vision. Preference will be given to high-quality submissions and applicants not previously awarded.

ICHLA will not accept partnership applications that support the following purposes:

  • Endowment or capital costs
  • Capital campaigns
  • Work for which results and impact cannot be measured
  • Advertising
  • Advocacy or political causes
  • Operational expenses or existing financial deficits

Allowable Activities for Funding

The ICHLA offers up to $3,000 in funding in the following areas, for which an organization can apply. Please review the areas listed below to ensure your organization’s goals fall within one of these.

  • Health and Human service: Providing medical screening, treatment, social services, or shelters for  Hispanic and Latino individuals and families in the state of Indiana.
  • Quality of life: Improving access to recreation, arts or cultural experiences, or social equality for Hispanic and Latinos communities in the state of Indiana.
  • Education: Providing afterschool enrichment, tutoring or vocational training for Hispanic and Latinos individuals and families in the state of Indiana.
  • Community and economic development: Improving local communities for the benefit of Hispanic and Latino individuals and families in the state of Indiana.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering the building of relationships, build cooperation and understanding among Hispanic and Latino communities and diverse groups in the state of Indiana.
  • Public Safety: Supporting public safety programs for Hispanic and Latino community through training programs, resources or equipment in the state of Indiana.
  • Employment: Supporting and providing job fairs/ job opportunities to the Hispanic and Latino community to increase employment and 
    improve the economy in the state of Indiana.

Application Process

Step 1: Complete the 2024 Grant Application.

Step 2: Download and complete the following documents: W9 Document & Direct Deposit.  

Step 3: Create a detailed Budget for your proposed initiative/program/event. (Example may be found here)

Step 4: Submit the documents and budget via email to with the subject line "2024 ICHLA Grant Application" before the November 1, 2023 deadline.

Submission Deadline: The 2024 ICHLA Grant Application is open from September 1, 2023 from November 1, 2023.  Any questions regarding the Grant process may be  directed to

2024 Grant Application

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