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Pregnant Women Income Chart

Pregnant women:
If you are pregnant, the chart below will indicate the best initial place to apply for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Pregnant women with household incomes of 213% of the Federal Poverty Level or less should apply through the state of Indiana at using the state application. Pregnant women with household incomes between 213% and 400% of the FPL may be eligible for subsidized coverage through the federal health exchange and should apply at using the federal application. Pregnant women with household incomes over 400% FPL may apply for coverage at, but may also seek coverage via the existing commercial health insurance market. For assistance call 800-318-2596.

Click on the income range in your household size to see what health care benefits you may qualify for.

Household SizeFamily Income*
1$31,065.00 or less$31,065.01 - $58,320.00$58,320.01 or more
2$42,014.40 or less$42,014.41 - $78,880.00$78,880.01 or more
3$52,963.20 or less$52,963.21 - $99,440.00$99,440.01 or more
4$63,900.00 or less$63,900.01 - $120,000.00$120,000.01 or more
5$74,849.40 or less$74,849.41 - $140,560.00$140,560.01 or more
6$85,798.20 or less$85,798.21 - $161,120.00$161,120.01 or more
7$96,747.00 or less$96,747.01 - $181,680.00$181,680.01 or more
8$107,696.40 or less$107,696.41 - $202,240.00$202,240.01 or more

Note: Pregnancy Medicaid is not considered to be "minimum essential coverage" by the Internal Revenue Service and, therefore, will not satisfy the federal government's minimum coverage requirements in order to avoid a tax penalty. Loss of pregnancy Medicaid coverage for any reason such as an increase in income, will not qualify you for a special enrollment period. Therefore, individuals may wish to obtain subsidized health coverage via the federal health exchange ( along with pregnancy Medicaid coverage from the State of Indiana.

Legend: Apply for Indiana's Health Coverage Programs - Apply on Exchange - Apply Exchange or Commercial Market

* Projected 2023 gross household income (not take-home pay); the incomes listed are based on the 2023 federal poverty level.

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