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State Health Assessment and Improvement Plans

We are pleased to share the 2022-2026 State Health Assessment and Improvement Plan with the state of Indiana!

2022-2026 State Health Assessment & Improvement Plan

2022-2026 SHA-SHIP Executive Summary


In 2021, 51 partners across the state participated in a longitudinal conversation to discuss the top health needs of Indiana. We are very appreciative of the valuable insights and feedback that were shared either during the virtual meetings, focus groups, or in any of the follow-up surveys. Every five years, the Indiana Department of Health starts the process to convene representatives across the state to participate in the conduction of the State Health Assessment (SHA) to identify the priority health needs of the state by examining existing local, state, and national data and collecting information directly from our communities’ key stakeholders. This assessment helps shape how public health entities can create new relationships with partners conducting similar work, adapt strategies, and even implement outreach programs in communities across the state. This assessment was generated with reference to the 2018-2021 State Health Assessment in addition to quantitative and qualitative analysis of population data specific to Indiana and its public health system in its current state. Trends were consolidated into thematic public health statistics with key data points on health factors pertaining to Indiana. We hope you find the data and insights into the communities across the state useful to your organizations and that these insights are helpful in guiding your work as we all work to meet the needs of Indiana.

2022-2026 Health Improvement Plan Priorities

Health Outcomes and Risk Factors

Mental Health and Wellness

Family, Women, Infants, and Children

Healthy Aging

Public Health Systems and Workforce

Social Determinants of Health

2022-2026 Health Improvement Plan Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Increase Hoosier’s Access to Care

  • Provide services to Hoosiers when they are needed and ensure they are easily accessible, affordable, and coordinated

Goal 2: Improve Communication and Education within the Public Health System

  • Provide technical and tangible support to the workforce on services, prevention, and health outcomes that are both culturally appropriate and sustainable

Goal 3: Promote Preventative Care and Overall, Health for Hoosiers

  • Encourage prevention for the reduction of disease and illness in Indiana

Goal 4: Bolster Community Connections and Built Environment

  • Ensure community and environmental support that will provide equitable access in all conditions to create optimal health

Goal 5: Expand Public Health Infrastructure Capacity

  • Build upon current resources and strengths and expand areas of health support and public health capacity

2022-2026 Key Performance Indicators

Feedback Opportunity

On behalf of the 2021 State Health Assessment and Improvement Plan Committee, the Indiana Department of Health invites partners and community members to continually review the 2022-2026 State Health Assessment and Improvement Plan Executive Summary and provide comments at Since this plan is intended to be a living document, should you or your organization be conducting activities that contribute to the objectives and strategies within this plan, you are welcome to submit those to the email listed above. In the coming months, we will be providing a feedback form here where you can submit updates and feedback for IDOH to integrate into the plan and applicable scorecards.

Many thanks to all our members of the State Health Assessment and Improvement Plan Committee and all partners for their time, feedback, and continued efforts to build a community-centered, collaborative public health infrastructure that supports equitable opportunities for all Hoosiers to thrive and be healthy.