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**While we are not currently conducting tours of the Governor’s Residence, all requests will be kept on file until such time as tours resume.**

General guidelines for tour groups:

  • Suggested group size: 10 – 40 people (smaller groups may be able to join another scheduled tour)
  • Days / Times: There is no regular tour day at this time, but based on availability, we can schedule tours Monday – Friday, with a start time between 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. During December we adjust these times to accommodate more visitors.
  • Entry and Parking: There is adequate parking in our lot for groups of this size, however, ride sharing is always encouraged. The gated entrance is on 46th Street between Illinois and Meridian Streets.
  • Other requirements: Once your tour is scheduled, we require the names of all participants one week in advance. Coats and bags can be left in vehicles or in our coat area, but are not allowed on the tour itself.
  • Attire: Weather permitting, our tour includes a visit to the formal gardens. Comfortable shoes are advised. Please note – there is an active beehive on the grounds.
  • Photographs: We will be happy to take group photos in designated areas. There are some areas of the residence where photos are not allowed and we ask that you communicate this to your group ahead of time.

If you would like to request a tour for your group, please complete the form here

Tour Photo
Head butler Dexter Powell leads a group of students on a tour of the
Indiana Governor’s Residence.

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