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Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Megan Compton

Megan R.L. Compton

Indiana Geographic Information Officer

Compton serves as Indiana’s Geographic Information Officer, appointed by Gov. Eric J. Holcomb in April of 2018. In this role, Compton leads the Indiana Geographic Information Office and provides strategic oversight of the State’s GIS technology portfolio, as well as leadership on GIS governance for the State of Indiana.

Compton has more than 13 years of GIS experience, including data integration, coordination, and the application of GIS in research, training and public safety disciplines, and serves as a Director for the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC).

Through Compton’s significant experience in planning, coordinating, and integrating, she leads the state on a wide range of projects and activities, including:

  • Successful statewide data sharing with all Indiana counties
  • Outstanding NSGIC 2019 Geospatial Maturity Assessment
  • A statewide refresh of high resolution orthoimagery
  • Implementation and integration of GIS data standards
  • Improvement of Indiana’s National Hydrography Dataset based on local resolution data
  • The IndianaMap portal and geospatial data viewer

Compton has been involved with GIS projects and applications since earning her MPA from Indiana University in 2008. In 2016, she joined IUPUI School of Public and Environmental Affairs as Associate Faculty, instructing students on mapping and analysis for public safety. Compton served as President of the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) in 2017 and an IGIC Board member (2014-2018) and is the co-chair of Government Women in Technology (GWIT). On a national level, Compton serves as the Indiana representative to the National State’s Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) and supports GeoWomen by serving on the steering committee. Compton is also a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor.

When not in front of a computer or teaching a class, Compton enjoys running, on and off-road cycling and adventures with her family.

Megan R.L. Compton
Indiana Geographic Information Officer
Indiana Office of Technology
100 North Senate Ave.
N551 Government Center North
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Office: (317) 234-5889

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Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Favorite Book: Into the Wild
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Music Genre: 80's Rock
Favorite Travel Destination: Belize
Random Fun Fact: Megan has visited 49 of the 50 states

Enterprise Operations

Sandeep Barre

Deputy Geographic Information Officer

Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Favorite Movie: Amistad
Favorite Book: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
Favorite Travel Destination: Spain
Random Fun Fact: Peanuts aren't technically nuts.

Steve Aldrich

GIS Technical Specialist

Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Favorite Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Travel Destination: Brazil, Italy, places to snowboard
Random Fun Fact: Steve dropped out of high school and has (very briefly) been on the Disney Channel

Caitlin Pennington

GIS Technical Specialist

Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Favorite Book: City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty
Favorite Music Genre: Pop Punk
Favorite Season: Winter
Random Fun Fact: Caitlin plays the flute, piccolo, piano, and guitar, and is learning the banjo.

Programs and Outreach

Marianne Cardwell

Deputy Geographic Information Officer

Coffee or Tea? Diet Coke
Favorite Cuisine: Belgian
Favorite Movie: E.T.
Favorite Book: The Expanse series by James S.A. Corey
Random Fun Fact: Marianne loves to bake

Matt Evans

GIS Program Specialist

Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Favorite Cuisine: Thai
Favorite Book: Dune
Favorite Music Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Random Fun Fact: Matt has 4 animals (3 cats and a dog) named after coins

Shaun Scholer

GIS Program Director

Coffee or Tea? Instant Coffee
Favorite Movie: Top Gun
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Music Genre: 70's
Random Fun Fact: Shaun proposed to his wife by flying over Pine Lake with the words on the beach "Rebecca, will you marry me?"

Pamela Walton

Communications Coordinator

Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Favorite Cuisine: Indian, though Ethiopian is a close second
Favorite Book: Sum by David Eagleman
Favorite Season: Fall
Random Fun Fact: Pam can speak Chichewa (spoken in Malawi)

Rick Rahe

GIS Outreach Coordinator

Coffee or Tea? Tea
Favorite Cuisine: Enjoys all types of cuisine, but favorite food is fried chicken. Its a southern Indiana thing.
Favorite Movie: The Quiet Man and It's a Wonderful Life
Favorite Season: Fall
Random Fun Fact: Cahokia Mounds is the largest pre-Columbian settlement north of Mexico. Well worth the visit!