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Data Sharing

Data Sharing

2020 Data Harvest Program

Our current Data Harvest Program began in September of 2020. Indiana Statute, IC 6-1.1-4-25(b)(13), requires a county to submit parcel data in a GIS file format to the Indiana Office of Technology.  The GIO works with the Counties to obtain these datasets (addresses, centerlines, parcels, and government boundaries).  (We will be asking for this again in the Fall of 2021).

This year, the Polis Center at IUPUI assisted the Geographic Information Office with this data harvesting effort.  Please direct any harvest questions to Jim Sparks at inshare@iupui.edu or 317-278-2433.

You can follow the progress of the data harvest effort here: https://arcg.is/Xybj0.

Indiana Data Harvest Webinar
Megan Compton, Indiana Geographic Information Officer and Marianne Cardwell, GIS Project Coordinator, The Polis Center presented on the program, including data improvements, challenges and common data issues.

PowerPoint Presentation
Press Release


Four important geospatial data layers have been compiled from data maintained by various county agencies in Indiana a re:

Address Points

Street Centerlines

Land Parcels 

Administrative Boundaries

Metadata and the download link for the four layers can be found at the IndianaMap.

Data Specifics

All Indiana counties have committed to share GIS data, resulting in:

* Over 6,800 Jurisdictional Boundaries
* 616,888 Street Centerlines Segments
* 3,117,569 Address Points
* 3,576,546 Land Parcels