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Child Mental Health Wraparound services

Indiana has made certain assurances to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that all providers are qualified (initially at provider approval and continually through service delivery) to deliver 1915(i) home- and community-based services to CMHW participants. Only a DMHA approved agency or individual provider enrolled by Medicaid may be reimbursed for delivering a CMHW services to an eligible participant.

A CMHW service provider must be approved by the DMHA according to the specific qualifications for and standards of the service that the individual provider or agency is applying to provide. To ensure that CMHW services providers meet licensure and/or approval requirements prior to furnishing CMHW services, DMHA requires all providers to undergo an application process to verify qualifications of the agency or individual requesting to provide CMHW services. All agencies and individuals wishing to enroll as a CMHW service provider must complete the provider application process described in the CMHW services provider manual.

Provider training and certifications

All providers are required to complete training based upon the type of service DMHA has authorized the provider to deliver. Refer to the provider manual for additional information about new provider and recertification training requirements.

  • Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths training and certification: For information about the CANS training and registration, click here. You can also receive additional information by contacting our CANS trainer (click here). The CANS certification is required for wraparound facilitator applicants.
  • Wraparound Practitioner Certification program: Required for all wraparound facilitation service providers. Additional information regarding enrollment in the certification program will be provided to eligible applicants at time of provider approval. Completion of the certification program will be required for continued approval of the provider as a wraparound facilitator.

Provider training webinars

Provider approval forms

The following forms (and associated instruction sheets) are used in the provider approval process. Questions about the process may be directed to the DMHA Youth Services Provider Specialist at

Technical guidance

Billing resources

Other CMHW service forms