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Youth MOVE Indiana

The Basics

Youth MOVE is a youth-led organization devoted to improving services and systems surrounding mental health, juvenile justice, education and child welfare. Through encouragement, empowerment and advocacy, Youth MOVE fosters positive growth and development for individuals coping with mental conditions—both moderate and severe.

What started as a small advisory board in 2012 has since grown into a multi-chapter organization, steadfast on uniting the voices of youth, while raising awareness for the issues they may face.

Youth MOVE Indiana

As the state chapter, Youth MOVE Indiana (YMIN) works to help children, teens, and adolescents across the state navigate through the difficulties of living with mental and behavioral issues. YMIN’s mission is to inspire and unite youth to bring real change to the state’s legislature—furthering acceptance, tolerance, and understanding of mental health.

Our goal is to encourage youth to be strong, fearless, and outspoken—building accepting atmospheres within our communities. YMIN works to motivate Indiana’s youth to be part of changing the negative connotations that surround mental health, creating a new generation that not only speaks on behalf of the equality and well-treatment of those with mental disorders, but takes action.

How We Do It

Through events, meetings and open dialogue, YMIN encourages youth and their families across the state to stand up to stigma and societal misconceptions. By building communities of support we are creating safe environments for those who need them.

Our efforts ensure youth and their families are properly and justly represented within Indiana’s System of Care. One important program that works toward this goal is the Youth and Family Subcommittee, a series of monthly meetings providing leadership, guidance, technical assistance, policy and change at the state level to make certain a local system of care is available for every child, youth, and young adult and that these services have youth and families best interests at heart.

Who We Are

We’re neighbors, brothers, sisters, and friends— but most importantly, we’re advocates fighting to reduce the stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health. The need for champions is a serious subject in Indiana—the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) states that 71,000 children in our state live with serious mental health conditions, and that number is growing.

Our areas of advocacy include:

  • Mental Health
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) issues
  • Suicide prevention
  • Juvenile justice

Where We Are

Our statewide chapters are located in the following counties. Please feel free to reach out to a YMI leader in your county, or any other.

  • Youth MOVE, Indianapolis- Mackenzie Barclay: Click Here
  • Youth MOVE “The Tribe”, Grant County- Shelby Haisley: Click Here
  • Youth MOVE, Fort Wayne—Madeline Miller: Click Here

Get Involved

YMIN is a growing force of strength for many throughout Indiana. If you would like to bring a chapter to your community, please contact YMIN Coordinator, Madeline Zielinski at:

To stay in touch, please follow us on social: