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Expansion Initiatives

Indiana System of Care Strategic Expansion Planning Grant

SAMHSA awarded Indiana a 4-year federal implementation grant on September 30, 2014, to assist the state in implementing its statewide System of Care expansion strategic plan which includes the following components.

Population of focus

The population of focus is young people with mental health and related needs. We believe that all young people have mental health needs that would benefit from the support of the entire community.


To model and provide leadership, guidance, technical assistance, policy, and change at the state level to ensure that a local system of care is available for every child, youth, young adult, and their families.


All young people, surrounded by supportive adults, achieve wellness, engage in their community, and together, promote wellness for generations to come.

System of Care principles

  • Family driven
  • Youth guided
  • Trauma-informed
  • Collaboration
  • Community-based
  • Individualized
  • Strengths-based
  • Culturally relevant
  • Outcomes-based

System of Care expansion plan areas of focus

  • Collaboration - Child serving agencies and stakeholders build relationships around a shared vision.
  • Values - System of Care values are infused throughout the state and local systems.
  • Services and supports - All children, youth, and young adults have access in their communities to effective and appropriate services and supports to promote positive mental health and address related needs.
  • Workforce - Indiana has a well-staffed workforce that is competent and trained in their own disciplines.
  • Finance - Partners in the system creatively braid and blend funding from multiple sources and stakeholders to provide the most effective, appropriate, and comprehensive system for all children regardless of payer.
  • Social marketing - Raise awareness and change behavior and public perception around mental health and related needs.
  • Local governance - Effective, dynamic, and sustainable local partnerships are developed that include shared responsibility for local system of care creation, implementation, and evaluation so that every child, youth, and young adult has access to the services and supports they need.

System of Care expansion goals

The local and regional community takes responsibility for building a comprehensive system that leads to sustainable success for youth and families. Indiana's System of Care (IN-SOC) is characterized by

  • Respect, compassion, and values throughout the system.
  • Efforts to be responsive and tailor effective services and support to the unique, whole person.
  • Services and supports are created and maintained based upon community data by multiple, varied stakeholders who work in committed, visible partnerships characterized by honest communication, shared philosophy, and approach and shared resources.
  • The community recognizes that stakeholders responsible for the creation and maintenance of the system include youth and families.
  • Community-based infrastructure plans, coordinates, implements, and sustains the system through accountability, evaluation, and quality assurance.

Youth and family partnership

Indiana's System of Care is grounded upon creating a culture of inclusiveness for family and youth participation in all levels of the system of care planning, decision making, policy development, outcomes, monitoring, and process improvement. One of the core values driving a successful system of care is building respectful partnerships with families - resulting in the solicitation and inclusion of youth and family voice and participation at all levels of decision making. Youth and families can become active voices and partners by participating in the Youth and Family Subcommittee at the State-level system of care - or by being an active participant in their own local system of care governance.

For information about how to become involved in Indiana's System of Care Expansion initiatives, click here.