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SOC Assessment Survey

As a part of a System of Care (SOC) expansion planning grant, Indiana will be gathering input and feedback from youth, families, service providers and other stakeholders in the state through the SOC Implementation Survey (SOCIS). This survey will assess and describe the current status of the local and state-level systems of care providing child behavioral health services across Indiana. Click here to learn more about Indiana's system of care expansion grant.

The audience for this survey is people who are knowledgeable about children and youth with mental health and/or substance use challenges that affect their functioning at home, in school, or in the community—and those knowledgeable about their local community’s children’s behavioral health services. We are asking the following groups of people to complete the survey:

  • Youth
  • Family members
  • Schools
  • Juvenile justice
  • Mental health and substance abuse providers
  • Primary health care providers
  • Family service and support organizations
  • Administrators

The information from the survey will be used to assist Indiana in understanding the state’s strengths and needs as they relate to the mental health and/or substance abuse service delivery system for youth and families. Additionally, the information collected will assist Indiana in the development of a strategic plan for the expansion of and sustainment of a state-wide and local SOC governance structures to improve the access to and quality of integrated mental health and substance abuse services for youth and families.

If you choose to participate in this system of care expansion initiative, you will be asked to complete a brief survey, which should take approximately 30 minutes. You should know the following before you take the survey:

  • Your participation is entirely voluntary.
  • You are not obligated to respond to any question(s) that you are uncomfortable answering.
  • You may withdraw from the survey at any time without incurring any penalties.
  • Your responses will be kept confidential, identified only by your county, role, and demographic information.

Click here to access an online version of the survey. Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the survey. It must be completed in one session.

Click here if you want to download a copy of the survey. Instructions for returning the completed survey to us are included in the survey document or the SOCIS instruction sheet.

Readiness for System of Care Overview

If you have any questions about the SOCIS survey, please contact:

Betty Walton, Evaluation Team Leader