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On My Way Pre-K county grant enrollment

Helpful tips

  • NEW - In the upper right corner of the chart is an "Academic Year" drop down - data can display as (1) ALL; (2) 2019-2020; or (3) 2020-2021.
  • Hovering over the counties on the map will list county's name.
  • Select individual counties by clicking on the county of interest. This will highlight the metrics in both the "County Enrollment" column and the "Statewide Monthly Totals" graphic.
  • Select multiple counties by clicking and dragging over the counties of interest.
  • Hover over the "County Enrollment" column to display the county's monthly metrics and the county's location on the map.
  • Hover over the "Statewide Monthly Totals" graphic to display all of the counties that have activity during the month.
  • Statewide monthly enrollment totals are now reported for both regular and limited eligibility.

This dashboard was progressively updated based on rolling, monthly queries during On My Way Pre-K enrollment for each academic year. The "monthly" totals thus represent 30 days of data per the monthly reporting period. The final update each year (usually in October) reflects the final academic year enrollment numbers.