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Child care provider training and coaching changes

Training and technical assistance services will be available generally to all of the State’s early childhood care and education programs, but also specifically for those navigating the Paths to QUALITY program. This includes a transition from the current practice of TA provision by local Child Care Resource and Referral agencies and other contractors providing financial and technical support for the professional development of early childhood programs, to Spark Learning Lab. Spark Learning Lab will support early childhood programs in meeting regulatory requirements, as well as improving their own individual Professional development paths. Key services include:

  • providing a process for Self-Assessment and identification of programs’ TA needs
  • providing TA Child Care staff to help programs complete the Self-Assessment and address any other needs
  • developing a training approach that ensures that the staff are knowledgeable in their job functions
  • providing TA to early childhood programs to ensure they meet the standards outlined by OECOSL
  • creating a process of TA services that demonstrates reliability amongst coaches and other TA staff.
  • providing virtual and in-person opportunities for training and professional development.
  1. Spark Learning Lab Indiana
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  3. How to access Training in Indiana - I-LEAD
  4. I-LEAD & Indiana Learning Paths User Resources
    1. ILEADHelp.org: a searchable knowledge base designed to help users navigate this new tool
    2. I-LEAD Solution Center: need additional support? Let the solution center staff know about your challenge!
  5. Statewide Update webinar recording describing changes
  6. Mandatory training calendar
  7. Town Square - family child care resources

Other resources

Regional Advisory Councils

Spark Learning Lab will establish Indiana Technical Assistance Regional Advisory Councils in each of the five established service delivery areas. The purpose of these Councils is to strategically aid, advise and collaborate on TA processes, to ensure alignment of the work and to obtain expert and provider insights regarding the TA approaches and processes.

During the first year of implementation the councils will provide feedback and recommendations on implementation activities, such as:

  • The development and piloting of the program self-assessment
  • Format and methods of TA support
  • Module content
  • Soliciting feedback from other providers in their region
  • Program and policy development

Following the first year of implementation, the five Councils will provide ongoing guidance and recommendations regarding the delivery of TA support. They will also assist with communication and dissemination of information in their region.

About the councils

Composition and membership
Each RAC will be comprised of 10-15 voting members. Membership selections will be made to ensure the councils are representative of each region. Stakeholder groups to be represented by members include:

  • Early childhood education providers: Both teachers and directors who represent all program types at various quality levels (i.e. not enrolled in PTQ, enrolled in PTQ but not progressing, and advancing in PTQ, etc.)
  • Local subject matter experts, such as higher education professionals
  • Community leaders working in the early childhood education sector

How to Apply

Visit www.indianaspark.com/rac for more information on applying to participate in a regional advisory council in your area.

Interim Training and Professional Development Resources

Spark Learning Lab will provide mandatory trainings as outline by the State of Indiana beginning October 1, 2019. As Spark Learning Lab prepares to be fully operational, interim coaching supports will be available through the Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children (IN AEYC) through June 30, 2020. Programs may contact IN AEYC at PTQ@inaeyc.org or 1-855-484-2392, extension 3546. Child care providers who are seeking to pursue professional development opportunities to meet their ongoing training/professional development requirements as a part of licensing and/or PTQ are encouraged to use this list of professional development resources.