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The Office of the CEIOO's "Supporting Next Level T.E.A.M.S." training is designed to introduce teams to the Office of the CEIOO and define the importance and practical application of the tools of the Civility, Constructive Disagreement and Compassionate Listening in order to prepare teams to be active Champions of Inclusion. It is a foundational session created to cultivate conversation on inclusivity and acceptance in the workplace and prepare departments for more in-depth discussions on equity, bias consciousness and allyship.

Goals of the training session

  1. Establish consistent messaging, initiatives, and purpose of the Office of the CEIOO
  2. Define the key concepts of the office’s foundation
  3. Share best practices to support and demonstrate a positive workforce culture
  4. Create an Inclusive workplace where everyone is Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and Heard

Our approach is focusing on Heart Work (empathy, training survey relationships, motivation…)

CIVILITY: Create basic respect and trust amongst team members

CONSTRUCTIVE DISAGREEMENT: Demonstrate respect for one another and is a great way to build trust and encourage collaboration

COMPASSIONATE LISTENING: Cultivate non-judgmental listening which humanizes our colleagues and cuts through barriers of defense and mistrust

As the state of Indiana workforce embarks on a journey to increase and cultivate a culture of equity, inclusion, and opportunity, it will be important for each of us to lean into these concepts of civility, constructive disagreement and compassionate listening in order to be champions of diversity. Additionally, these concepts will help normalize and operationalize equity into the culture of our teams and work. As we grow together in these efforts, we will truly “C” one another and “C” the diverse populations we serve, and do so as “Next Level T.E.A.M.S.”

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