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The East Chicago Waterway Management District (also known as the ECWMD or the District) is a waterway management district created in 1994 in accordance with Indiana State law (I.C. 8-10-9) to, among other things, manage and supervise the industrial, commercial, and recreational development of the waterways in the City of East Chicago. The District boundary is formed by an imaginary line one-half (1/2) mile distant from the center line of any waterway in all directions.

One of the ECWMD’s primary obligations has been to serve as the local sponsor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ dredging project and for the construction and eventual operation and maintenance of a Confined Disposal Facility (CDF). The CDF is being used to hold contaminated sediments/debris dredged from the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal. The ECWMD communicates with the Corps the concerns and issues from the local community and stake holders affiliated with the CDF construction/maintenance and dredging activities.

The District also collects user fees in accordance with (I.C. 8-10-9), which are used to advance the economic and recreational development and use of the waterways in accordance with (I.C. 8-10-9).

The ECWMD Board of Directors has adopted the following Mission and Vision Statements:

Mission Statement :
The East Chicago Waterway Management District advances economic and recreational use of the waterways.

Vision Statement :
The East Chicago Waterway Management District envisions clean and productive waterways that serve the economic and recreational needs of industry and the community, and are properly cared for and protected.